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Kitchens Hastings - The best value kitchens at the best possible prices.

Your kitchen could be a family hub, it could be where you share drinks with friends, it could be Mum's room, Dad's room, the Dog's room, the taking muddy boots off and making yourself a brew room. It could be all of these, it usually is.

At Kitchens Hastings we understand this, we all have families, friends; and after all, we all need to eat. Kitchens Hastings work with you to design, build and install the kitchen that fits in best with your life. And we do it at the best prices in the UK.

1. At Kitchens Hastings we are 40% cheaper than our nearest competitor.

2. At Kitchens Hastings all our cabinets have solid back panels unlike B & Q, Howdens, IKEA, Homebase and most other kitchen companies.

3. At Kitchens Hastings every single kitchen cabinet component is edged all around unlike most other companies that only edge the visible parts.

4. At Kitchens Hastings we only use PVC edging tape which is five times thicker than the paper edging tape that the most of our competitors use.

5. At Kitchens Hastings all our kitchen cabinets are guaranteed for life unlike any of our competitors kitchen units.

6. At Kitchens Hastings all of our drawer packs come ready built to save you hassle and expense.

7. At Kitchens Hastings all of our drawer packs come with metal soft closing drawer systems at no extra charge.

8. At Kitchens Hastings we offer a totally free of charge delivery service.

9. At Kitchens Hastings we don’t ask you to pay for your kitchen until after its been delivered.

10. At Kitchens Hastings we will not tolerate high pressure sales techniques.

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